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best car snow shovel - the many different types

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Waking up to the first morning of snow can be fun. But, going out and discovering layers and layers of white covering your stoop, driveway, deck, and walkways can be daunting. Even with proper shoveling technique, if your shovel isn’t decent for the task, the task will just be tedious if not injury-inducing.

In the US alone, a study showed that an average of 11,500 injuries and emergencies related to snow shovelling happened between 1990 and 2006. The numbers confirmed cardiac arrest being the leading cause of death among snow shovelling victims.

This incident is why the fluffy stuff should not deceive you. A cubic foot of white stuff weighs about 62 pounds. Removing a foot of it on a 12 x 30-foot driveway may involve moving as much as 22,300 pounds.

Your companion in shoveling snow should be a blend of ideal size, ergonomics, durability, and availability. The best snow shovel should be able to clear snow faster, with less strain on your back and arms. Lucky for you, we have a list of them prepared and reviewed!

best car snow shovel - the many different types

What Is The Difference Between A Snow Shovel and Snow Pusher?

Recently, snow pushers are turning out to be the most popular choice for snow removal professionals in getting rid of snow when winter comes compared to the once widely used snow shovel. But how are they different?

Snow pushers are a hand-held and smaller version of an industrial plow. They are usually made of plastic with a plastic handle to clutch on and without a bottom plate. Snow pushers are lighter than most snow shovels.

Snow pushers can also be attached to a smaller vehicle. This make-do allows for more comfortable pushing of snow. As the name suggests, they are not intended to pick up snow. Instead, they push the snow to the side to give or clear the way.

Snow shovels are handles and scoops put together. They are shovels – literally. Sometimes, they may be a shaft joining handle and scoop. Other times, the handle is lengthy and is connected directly to the scoop.

These gears are designed for either pushing or lifting snow. While some snow shovels are crossovers that can perform either job, others have sharpened blades to help in chipping away and levering up slabs of ice.

Best Snow Shovels

The right snow shovel will help you a lot in freeing your sidewalks and driveway of snow and ice after a winter night. The best ergonomic snow shovel is one that can clear the snow faster without too much strain on your back and arms.

The best ones can feel undeniably efficient in helping you rip through the white fluff nearly as fast as a blower. There are a lot of snow shovels in the market to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to pick one.

Keep scrolling to find out the best snow shovels, buying guide, and a few more tips before taking home your next snow companion.

A Snow Shovel For Clearing Snow Around Your Tires

Snow shovels are a necessity during the winter months. They’re a great tool for clearing snow from the tops of your car, your walkway, and much more.

There are many different types of snow shovels on the market today, each with its own pros and cons. In this article, I will go over some of those pros and cons as well as how to choose a good shovel for you.

In this section, there is a subsection that shows which type of shovel is best for different types of snow emergencies.

Best Snow Shovels for Car

4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Adjustable length from 25” to 32”
  • 3-pc aluminum construction
  • 1.3 pounds in weight
Overmont Collapsible Snow Utility Sport Shovel Aluminum Lightweight with Ice Scraper and Carrying Bag Sizes 32 and 42 Inch
  • Adjustable from 26” to 32”, (or 26 inch to 42 inch); Useful 11 inch by 8 inch blade; Strong 1.8 millimeter 5 series aluminum; lightweight at only 1.3 pounds
  • Ideal snow shovel for your car, SUV, RV, or snowmobile; collapsible into 3 pieces (4 for 42 inch model) into the supplied pouch;  Ideal car safety accessory or backpack gear to complement your emergency kit.
  • Multi purpose with its collapsible size and lightweight yet strong 5 series aluminum; ergonomically designed to easily maneuver the shovel in snow, dirt, mud, sand, etc.; an essential backpacking or camping accessory.
  • Anodised 5 series aluminum ensures the colors won’t fade in use.
  • Handy easy to stow ice scraper included.

Lifeline’s Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel weighs less than two (2) pounds and folds down to just over two (2) feet long, making it the ideal shovel to be stored in the trunk of your car. After all, a snowstorm can happen anywhere. Thus it is a good idea to keep in around in your car or home.

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This sports utility car snow shovel is low-priced and compact. You can easily stow it away in the trunk or in the closet or anywhere you can fit it into. While the blade is smaller than most traditional snow shovels, it is strong enough to scoop more than enough snow to clear the surroundings of your car.

It can also clear the stoop and steps outside your house, pave the narrow footpath, or dig garden sets out of the snow. This utility shovel comes colors other than red, too – orange, blue, yellow, black, and olive.

  • Compact-sized
  • Ideal for storage in car or closet
  • Adjustable handle length
  • Too small for pressing shoveling tasks


4.4 out of 5 stars

  • 5” shovel width
  • 37” shovel length
  • 3-year warranty
SubZero 17211 Auto Emergency Snow Shovel with Extendable Handle (Colors may vary)
  • Extends to 37″ for long reach
  • 9.5″ wide shovel head
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Assembled product dimensions (L x W x H) 30″ x 9.5″ x 5″
  • D-shaped handle and soft grip for comfort while using

Although SubZero is a rather new player in the league of snow shovel industry, the features and specifications it markets make it an instant hit. Specially designed for emergency usage, its relatively compact blade size is enough to help you dig your car out of snow in any scenario.

The telescopic hand extends to as long as 37” for that extra reach underneath the vehicle. The extended handle is durable and doesn’t bend when clearing snow around the tires and the surrounding areas of your car.

Combined with the 5” shovel width, Hopkins 17211 Snow Shovel will make for a snow companion that can remove plentiful snow in each scoop.

Handling it is comfortable, thanks to the D-shaped handle that does not slip while using it. It fits most hand-sized in the hold without requiring additional effort. SubZero Hopkins 17211’s compact design makes it easy to keep in the car trunk – makes you prepared in all snowy incidents.

  • Ideal snow for emergency
  • Extended arm length
  • Long warranty duration
  • Not for heavy-duty shoveling


Best Collapsible Snow Shovel

4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Aluminum collapsible shovel
  • Three heights adjustable
  • Multi-use shovel
REDCAMP Aluminum Lightweight Snow Shovel for Car Emergency, 21
  • ▶ALUMINUM COLLAPSIBLE SHOVEL: This sturdy sport utility shovel with metal build is superior to plastic when trying to clear mixed snow ice and wet snow. And it can break down into three pieces for easy storage. Unfolding size: 33.5”x8.3”/85cmx21cm. Folding size: 9”x14”/23cmx40cm.
  • ▶THREE HEIGHTS ADJUSTABLE: The ergonomically designed shovel head measuring at 11” x 8.3”/28cmx21cm ensures a larger digging volume while the adjustable handle can be modified to lengths between 22.4”/57cm and 33.5”/85cm to accommodate a variety of users!
  • ▶WINTER PREPARATION: Whether you are embarking on a wilderness adventure or preparing for emergency situations, add this snow shovel to your list of winter weather driving preparation accessories.
  • ▶MULTI-USE: This lightweight utility shovel is perfect for car, camping, other outdoor activities and emergency use, like slicing snow and great for kids. It comes apart, which makes it convenient to keep in the trunk and easily stored. Weight: 1.27LBS/577g.
  • ▶GANURANTEEDG: REDCAMP offers a 365-day limited manufacturer warranty. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will give you a reply within 24 hours

Redcamp’s Aluminum Lightweight Snow Shovel with metal construction is one sturdy sport utility snow shovel. Superior to plastic, it can clear mixed snow ice and wet snow.

This snow shovel comes in three (3) different colors – black, gold, and red. All have undergone a high-quality powder coating process to ensure that the color remains bright and vivid, to counter exposure to harsh weather elements.

Its unique design includes armor-plated smart locks that you can squeeze to a telescope. The handle extends into three (3) different lengths for different usages and to quickly decrease for contact portability. This feature allows for even kids to be able to use it to help to plow off the snow.

Additional feature incorporates an ergonomically designed T-shaped grip to lessen stress when scooping snow. This design makes it easy to hold or push through the snow. The scheme also allows for the shovel to be used in other tasks such as shoveling for soil, gravel, grain, and others.

  • Can be stored almost anywhere
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Better than plastic alternatives
  • Length may be too short


3.6 out of 5 stars

  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Telescopic handle
  • Multifunctional use
ROUENOK Snow Shovel, Compact Snow Shovel with Adjustable Aluminum Handle and Durable Aluminum Edge Blade, 28“ to 35
  • ✅Compact and Portable: Compact portable with convenient telescoping handle. Adjust the length or remove the handle completely. Lets you store this shovel in your car trunk, closet at home, office, or anywhere in very little space. Then when needed, it takes just seconds to attach and lock the handle for a full 35inches of premium shovel.
  • ✅Lightweight and Sturdy: Lightweight blade (10″ x 13.5”) with durable aluminum edge can improve the ability of clearing snow. And It is safety enough that the shovel meets the PHAs standard.
  • ✅Multifunctional Use: Our snow shovel is great for shoveling snow. When winter coming, weather can be unpredictable, this Collapsible snow shovel is suitable for your emergency situation. It is very easy to storage and carrying, an ideal accessory for your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle.
  • ✅Dimensions: Extended Dimensions: 10″ Width x 35.8″ Length x 3.2″ Height; Compact Dimensions: 10″ Width x 28.3″ Length x 3.2″ Height; Weight: 1.3 lbs.
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The snow clearing shovel from Rouenok features a 35” telescopic handle that quickly makes it one of the most compact and portable shovels in the market today. You can adjust its length according to your preference, or you can remove the handle altogether.

This deal gives you better flexibility in storing it where you need it – car trunk, garage, or cupboard without taking up too much space. Then, when you require a shovel, assembly won’t take more than a minute. You simply need to attach and lock the handle.

Its durable aluminum edge increases the shovel’s ability to remove snow around the driveway or areas around the vehicle. The D-shaped grip is ergonomically designed for secure handling while scooping the snow. It also comes with a hook so that you can hook it up for easy storage and pick up.

Portable Emergency Snow Shovel by Rouenok has one of the best construction and is best used in emergencies to clear snow around or dig the vehicle out of snow.

  • Compact and portable
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Meets PHA standards
  • Customers have reported missing parts upon delivery


Best Folding Snow Shovel

4.2 out of 5 stars

  • Durable construction
  • Collapsible
  • Adjustable for easy storage
ELIVERN Foldable Snow Shovel, Compact Snow Shovel with Comfortable D-Grip Handle and Durable Aluminum Edge Blade, 13
  • ✅Compact and Portable: This foldable snow shovel can be folded and expanded from 13″ to 26″. When it is folded, the size is 9″ x 13″, it is very easy to storage and carrying, an ideal accessory for your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle.
  • ✅Lightweight and Sturdy: Lightweight blade (9” x 11”) with durable aluminum edge can improve the ability of clearing snow. And It is safety enough that the shovel meets the PHAs standard.
  • ✅Ergonomic and Comfortable use: The D-shaped grip can be more labor-saving, and the comfortable D-grip handle can protect your hands from frostbite while using.
  • ✅Multifunctional Use: This folding snow shovel is suitable for your emergency situation. The shovel handle can be adjusted between 2 states(vertical, horizontal position), which enables multiple uses.
  • ✅Customer Service: We promise 2-year free duty of replacement or refund if any quality problem, please feel free to contact us.

A foldable snow shovel is always handy. You can store it anywhere in your car or the corner of the garage and can be ready and available when you need it. Whether it is you who get stuck in a snowstorm or another motorist, Folding Snow Shovel by Elivern can sure help in digging out.

This shovel goes from 9” to 26” in less than thirty seconds. That, and a shovel head that measures 9” x 11” can quickly free any motorist from getting trapped in the snow. When you are done digging and clearing, it folds up just as swiftly and as efficiently.

Folding Snow Shovel by Elivern is made from durable aluminum. Therefore, you are sure to have quite a durable shovel that does not weigh too much. Its lightweight means less back strain as you scoop up snow. The unique D-grip handle not only protect your hands as you work, but it also makes the shovel easy to use.

  • Excellent D-shape handle grip
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable in horizontal and vertical positions
  • Not for heavy snow



  • Heavy-duty shovel
  • Handle extends up to 30” long
  • Side-scooping
SubZero 17222 Heavy Duty Aluminum Emergency Shovel
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction for demanding jobs and maximum durability
  • Handle extends to 30 inches for a long reach
  • Collapsible for easy and convenient storage
  • Dual-function design makes this a must-have item for ultimate safety in winter conditions
  • Available in assorted colors

Clear away what is under or around your car with Hopkins 17222 Heavy Duty Aluminum Emergency Shovel by SubZero. This collapsible snow shovel has its shovel change its blade’s position to either scoop up snow or dig out from the side.

The extendable handle provides comfort, despite having to shove massive snow buildup. Its shovel blade can be easily attached to the end of the handle to form a basic shovel. This way allows for an easy scooping up and holding of snow.

Another option is to attach to the side of the handle to make it easy to dig out your vehicle. This process is called side-scooping. It is ideal when clearing snow around and underneath the car. After using the shovel, you can simply collapse the handle into the shovel blade for compact storage.

Hopkins 17222 Heavy Duty Aluminum Emergency Shovel has a sturdy aluminum construction guaranteeing resistance from wear after repeated use.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Collapsible for easy and convenient storage
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Scoop not too wide enough


Best Portable Snow Shovel for Car

  • One-piece handle
  • Heavy-duty scoop
  • Handle extends from 30” to 40”
MTB Portable Snow Shovel for Car
  • Handle is made of high quality 1-1/8” diameter aluminum tube that will outlast years of use.
  • The adjustable handle design make the snow remover can be modified to lengths between 30.5” and 41.3” by twisting lock for easy storage and carrying,taking up a smaller amount of car. Perfect length as kids snow shovel.
  • The 10.2”x13.3” blade is made of polypropylene, so it’s light yet effective at removing the snow around the vehicle tire.
  • The specially-designed D-shape handle provides easy, pain-free shoveling.
  • Ideal emergency kits for driveway and your car, truck, SUV, recreational vehicle, or snowmobile, when in winter days of snow climates, blizzard or unexpected snow. Excellent tool for those living in snowy areas for digging out of snow or and getting yourself out or into a parking spot.
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The final product on our list is the Portable Snow Shovel by MTB Supply. This emergency snow shovel is the best portable that you can use in case you get caught in an unanticipated snowfall. Its handle can extend from 30” to 40” to protect your back from too much strain.

Its heavy-duty scoop is made of polypropylene, while the sturdy and durable handle is of superior quality aluminum use. This combination is definitely one that can outlast years of use. What’s good is that it comes at an economical price point that makes it suitable for anyone who is on a tight budget.

This portable snow shovel can go well with your other emergency kits for your car, truck, SUV, RV, or snowmobiles. They are excellent even in particularly snowy environments for digging yourself or your car out.

  • Specially-designed D-shape handle
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Rust and deformity resistant
  • Some have reported that screws didn’t come with the package


Buying Guide: Factors to Consider In Picking The Best Snow Shovel For Your Car

There are a few factors to consider in picking the best snow shovel for your car, mainly that it is not the same as the regular shovel that is most of the time used at home and industrial places. Picking a snow shovel for your car is more like selecting an item you need for camping or other outdoor activity.

Here are some characteristics you should be on the lookout for.

Handle Length

The length makes a big difference over the ease of using it. The longer and sturdier handle gives higher leverage to clear snow – it can reach the far top and underneath the vehicle.

Blade Size

The blade size will tell the amount of snow you can remove in every scoop. If your car has low ground clearance, go for a narrower shovel blade, otherwise bigger size shovel is what you need for bigger clearance cars.

Shovel Material

Go for a material that is durable and does not rust easily. Metal shovels are sturdy. But, they are heavy so they can cause back strain. You may go for plastic shovels, however, be sure that if you are choosing plastic, that they are made from bend-proof ones.

Design and Ergonomics

Shoveling is a daunting and hard physical task. It helps to have a snow shovel that comes with an excellent ergonomic design. This feature makes it easy to clear the snow without having to put extra pressure and effort on your body.

Poorly designed and bad ergonomics may cause injury and can only get you tired quickly.


Snow shovel use is seasonal. Therefore, they must be compact enough so that they can be easily stored when not in use. Go for snow shovels that can be collapsed, folded, or hung for secure storage.

Final Thoughts

Even the fittest person can be beaten by hours of pushing and shoveling with a poorly designed snow shovel. Thus, you should consider an efficient tool despite the cost. Take into account that a bigger shovel may not always be suitable – for instance, a wide shovel may be counterproductive for your narrow stoop.

A friendly tip – before the snow falls, lay down some salt around the area you need to shovel to keep the ice from forming. If it is not snow storming and if it is safe enough, shovel rather than waiting for it to accumulate after snowing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are electric snow shovels any good?

Unlike a manual snow shovel, electric ones do not require any lifting or scooping of the weight of the snow you are moving. You can move and clear snow quicker and with less stress.

When should I start shoveling snow?

You’d start it when you have a full inch of snow. Snow gathers over multiple layers and gets heavier and much harder to get rid of. If you can make very light snow you don’t probably have to get it off because the snow might melt by itself.

Moreover significant snowfalls sometimes require greater cleaning frequency. During heavy snowfall snow shoveling can make clearing roads quick and comfortable. Keep the snow removed from the driveway as soon as possible is ideal for the winter months. It is cold, slippery and dark outside during long winter days.

What to consider when choosing Snow Shovel for Car

It is required to make snow shovel material lightweight, durable. The blade size will determine how much snow to remove per sweep. Choose the blade sizes the blade can be used in tight places. The handle should be broad enough to reach up high on the top of cars and clean snow under it for best grip.



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