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Painting aluminum siding - bare metal - steel siding

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A lot of people ask if you can paint aluminum siding. The answer is yes, but it’s not as easy as painting wood or vinyl siding and there are some things to keep in mind before you start.

Can you paint aluminum siding on a house?

It is possible to paint aluminum siding, but it will almost certainly cost more than if you were to have the entire house repainted.

Aluminum siding can definitely be painted; however, unless you plan on keeping the house for a very long time, repainting the house is likely to be a bigger saving.

Painting aluminum siding - bare metal - steel siding

Here are some tips on how to go about painting your aluminum siding:

– Start with a good acrylic primer coat that will seal the surface and provide adhesion for the finish coats of paint; this is especially important because bare aluminum has very little natural rust resistance. You need to make sure that the primer goes on nice and evenly without dripping over edges or getting clogged up with dirt. It’s also important to use an oil-based product rather than latex paint, which dries too fast and may leave brush marks.

– After applying your primer coat, allow it plenty of time to dry before applying the finishing two coats; this should be done with a high-quality, exterior oil-based paint.

– Finish by following up with carefully selected accessories such as metal or plastic corner beads and aluminum or vinyl trims that will enhance the look of your aluminum siding and serve to complete the job.

– Finally, make sure to follow all instructions on your new paint can regarding precautions and when to apply coats; this will ensure that you get super high-quality results every time.

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Using these simple tips will help you paint aluminum siding like a pro in no time at all! Good luck!

How long does paint last on aluminum siding?

There are many factors that go into figuring out how long paint will last on homes, but aluminum siding is unique because it has a very smooth finish.

Not only does this reduce the quality of the paint job itself, but calcium chloride is used to de-ice some roads during winter – and although rare, any stray droplets landing on aluminum siding may eat the primer right off the surface.

Many people find that aluminum siding starts to show significant signs of wear after just one year!

Although painting your home’s exterior isn’t always an easy task it can definitely be done by the homeowner. Well-maintained, painted aluminum siding can last about 40 years

Can you paint aluminum siding a darker color?

Yes, you can paint aluminum siding in darker colors. However, it’s best to choose one that matches the color of your current siding.

If necessary, clean off any chipped or peeling paint and treat any rust stains with a rust-inhibiting primer.

Use an oil-based primer for aluminum siding because other primers may cause problems and make your job harder. You may need to go over the primer with a latex topcoat.  

What kind of Paint Should I Use on Aluminum?

You want to use quality exterior acrylic latex paint on your aluminum siding. Make sure it’s oil-based (alkyd) and is designed for metal surfaces. You may have to apply an alkyd primer first if the aluminum is not bare metal.

Is it necessary to prime or paint my aluminum siding?

It’s a good idea to paint your aluminum siding to protect it from rusting and weakening. It’s also a lot easier than removing old paint each time you want to repaint.

Don’t paint aluminum siding if it doesn’t need it because the paint will trap moisture and cause corrosion and rusting, which may require extensive repair.

Make sure the surface is in a good condition before painting such as no peeling or flaking paint, no rust stains, and clean of any dirt or debris.  

Required tools for this how-to paint aluminum siding project

Bring all the important stuff ready for DIY before starting to save time and your efforts.

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You are going to need some tools for painting aluminum siding:

  • paintbrush
  • roller
  • oil-based primer
  • acrylic paint
  • pressure washer
  • garden hose
  • tarpaulin or drop cloths
  • masking tape
  • sponges for spreading the paint evenly
  • scraper blades or cleaning tools for removing excess paint from joints and other recesses
  • rags
  • abrasive sponge or sandpaper

Steps on How to Paint Aluminum Siding

  1. Measure the surface area of your home. This is important because you need to purchase enough paint. Ensure that you cover all crevices and holes with aluminum tape or any necessary putty that comes with the kit.
  2. Ensure that you inspect the surface for any peeling, rusted, or broken areas of the siding. If there are any areas with these problems then they must be repaired before proceeding with the project.
  3. Clean all areas very well because dirt and dust will cause problems while painting. Use a wire brush or steel wool to remove rust from any paintable areas
  4. Next, use a putty knife to smooth out any cracks and holes that need filling. Allow the surfaces to dry before you proceed.
  5. Ensure that you have all of your tools ready and it’s time to begin painting! Brush on one coat in the direction of the wood grain. Allow enough time for drying between each application of paint. Do not apply a second coat immediately after the first because it may not have completely dried yet and will leave brush marks
  6. After the paint has dried, inspect for any missed or bare spots. Touch up these spots with another application of paint until you’re satisfied with your work.
  7. Place aluminum tape over all holes and cracks before applying the second coat of paint. Ensure that the tape is in good condition before using it–if not, you should replace it with a new piece.
  8. Use masking tape to cover areas such as windows, doors, electrical outlets, and switches to avoid splatters or spills from getting on the object. Be sure to remove all masking tapes before they dry completely.
  9. Once your last coat of paint has dried, it’s time to remove the aluminum tape! Remove tape and inspect your work to ensure that all areas were covered completely. If you find any missed areas then go back over them with another coat of paint until they are completely covered.
  10. Allow time for the paint to dry before exposing it to the elements. If you’re satisfied with your work, it’s now time to enjoy!
  11. The final step is to allow time for drying after all coats are applied. Usually, 4-5 hours will suffice but if it rains or snows within 24 hours then don’t go out there until it dries because water can cause rusting and peeling.

Painting aluminum siding with roller DIY tips

Yes you can paint aluminum siding with a paint roller, you will need a full extension 8 Ft. long paint roller pole and get yourself a good quality roller cover that is thick, wide, and tapered all the way to the end of the rollers. You can use any kind of standard size 5-inch roller frame with it.

Best Paint for Aluminum Siding

Cheap paint is not the best paint for aluminum siding.

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The best kind of paint for durable aluminum siding is oil-based paints because they won’t peel or crack.

The best paint to use for aluminized metal siding is a paint made specifically for aluminum siding and has UV protection so it won’t turn white when exposed to the sun.

Best time to paint aluminum sides – Fall, Winter, or Spring?

Painting an aluminum-sided home in the fall, winter or spring will likely produce better results than painting in the summer months.

That’s because in the summer months there are higher temperatures and humidity which could cause peeling badly due to increased moisture content in the air, diminished levels of adhesion, and slower drying times.


Painting aluminum siding is a great DIY project. However, if you want to do the best job possible and avoid paint failure caused by moisture content in the air or humidity levels, it’s recommended that you wait until fall or spring when temperatures are lower.

The best aluminum siding paint is acrylic paint made specifically for aluminum siding and it should have UV protection.



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